Fun Memory Exercises: Gauge Your Working Memory Now!

Engaging memory exercise challenges designed to test and enhance working memory capabilities

Having delved deep into the relationship between working memory and sports performance in my previous articles, it’s time to self-evaluate. How robust is your working memory? BeterBrein offers some entertaining games to put your memory to the test.

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1. Reverse Spelling

It’s simpler with two participants. Ask one to spell a word backward. Observe their fluency and eye movements:

  • Upward glance: Visual-Spatial memory
  • Downward/Sideways glance: Auditory memory.

2. Auditory Digitspan

State a sequence of three to four numbers. The other person repeats them in reverse order, mentally. Start with three numbers and gradually move to four.

3. Visual Digitspan

Similar to its auditory counterpart. Write down a sequence of three numbers. Show them for a few seconds and ask the other to jot them down in reverse.

4. Mapping Directions

Narrate a short fictional route. Determine if the listener remembers using their visual (imagining the pathway) or auditory memory (remembering keywords).

5. Recalling Phone Numbers

Share your phone number. The listener tries to recall. It’s intriguing to find out if they visualize the numbers or audibly repeat them mentally.

6. Upside-down Reading

Attempt reading a couple of text lines upside down. This exercise taps into your visual memory as you mentally rotate the words.

These are just a few examples of fun memory tests. If you’re interested in a comprehensive memory evaluation or improvement, consult a neuropsychologist or orthopedagogist.

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