Effects of Cognitive Training on Professional Soccer Players

Soccer player undergoing cognitive training, symbolizing MVV journey and memory drill benefits.

“In collaboration with Maastricht University for my graduation, I embarked on a research project to study the impacts of cognitive training on MVV’s primary soccer squad. Welcome to part three of this insightful series.”

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Beginning the Baseline Assessments: Part 3

After informing the technical team and players, we commenced our baseline measurements. The university utilized neuropsychological tests to gauge the players’ cognitive capabilities. My focus was on the field test, determining if players could enhance their skills through the LSPT test. Here, players receive auditory cues, spot a color, then skillfully direct the ball towards it. The efficiency with which they process this information is paramount.

Adapting to Constraints

Though MVV lacked advanced tools like Footbenaut and the 360s soccer cage, I improvised with benches and cameras. Using cameras provided the advantage of reviewing player actions for improved reliability. Assistants were invaluable in logging data during the exercise. To ensure undivided attention, players took the test individually. Coordinating tests amidst their demanding training schedules proved challenging, as fatigue can compromise memory function.

Setting the Stage for Testing

Taking about an hour to set up, we conducted the test on artificial turf to eliminate any ground unevenness, ensuring more consistent results. Finding the optimal camera angles was crucial for a clear view. Once everything was in place, the testing began. The players, arriving one by one, showcased enthusiasm, making it a competitive affair.

Progressing to Cogmed Memory Training

Following the baseline tests, the Cogmed Working Memory Training phase was initiated. First, individual sessions were planned to set clear objectives. The training schedule was rigorously followed, with weekly reviews to track progress.

As that went on, I delved deep into analyzing the results…

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