Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain with Train Ugly’s Approach

Tiger symbolizing Train Ugly's core philosophy.

On my continuous journey to uncover the intricate wisdom about the brain, I invariably stumble upon an American company named ‘Train Ugly.’ This organization ardently revolves around the pillars of Mindset and Motor Learning. Dive deeper with me to unearth the ten foundational principles they swear by and understand their intriguing philosophy.

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Train Ugly: Merging Mindset with Motor Learning

In the vast realm of understanding the brain and human behavior, Travor Ragen stands out with his company, Train Ugly. His mission? To enlighten individuals about the intertwined worlds of Mindset and Motor Learning. One cannot overlook the company’s emblematic symbol: the tiger. This majestic creature plays a pivotal role in Train Ugly’s core philosophy.

The Tiger Metaphor: An Analogy for Life

Travor draws an insightful parallel between a caged tiger and one that roams freely in the wilderness. The former, living a life handed to it on a platter, contrasts starkly with the latter that battles daily for survival. Imagine switching their places. Predictably, the sheltered tiger would flounder in the wild despite their identical physical prowess. Its confinement isn’t its fault, much like many of us inadvertently trap ourselves within our comfort zones. On the other hand, a few brave souls dare to err, learn, and grow. To grasp this metaphor more vividly, watch this insightful video.

The Train Ugly Philosophy: Ten Tenets of Learning

The tiger serves as a linchpin in Train Ugly’s teachings, encapsulating ten lessons about learning:

  1. Our potential to learn and excel is virtually boundless.
  2. Optimal learning flourishes slightly outside our comfort zones – akin to jungle tiger moments.
  3. Pre-jungle tiger moment jitters are natural. The trick lies in not letting fear dictate our actions.
  4. Generally, everyone’s doing their utmost.
  5. Embedded in every hurdle is a golden learning opportunity, albeit occasionally elusive.
  6. It’s alright to experience pain during adversities. Embracing it catalyzes growth.
  7. Astute learners consistently pose insightful queries.
  8. They purposefully embrace challenges, yearning for growth opportunities and constructive feedback.
  9. Authenticity trumps a polished demeanor when imparting knowledge.
  10. Imbibing these values is a challenging daily endeavor. Perfection isn’t the goal, persistence is.

For those fervently passionate about Motor Learning and Mindset like me, Train Ugly emerges as an enlightening beacon.

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For a deeper dive into their principles and courses, visit Train Ugly’s official website.

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