Harnessing the Power of Energy in Sports

Michael Jordan with Dr. Joe Dispenza at a seminar on the concept of Energy in Sports.

In the enthralling docuseries, “The Last Dance,” the basketball legend Michael Jordan frequently touches upon the topic of “Energy”. What does he imply by this term? And how can athletes and coaches leverage this concept?

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Unraveling Jordan’s Perspective on Energy:

Like many sports enthusiasts, I have repeatedly watched “The Last Dance,” which chronicles the golden era of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Throughout the series, Jordan consistently alludes to the term ‘Energy’. This was reinforced when I stumbled upon a video on YouTube featuring the late basketball icon, Kobe Bryant: Link. Here, Bryant speaks about sensing the energy of opposing players, vividly describing it as a “frequency you can tap into.”

Deep Dive into Energy:

Upon viewing this intriguing video, I was compelled to delve deeper into understanding this seemingly intangible concept. To further comprehend the essence of “Energy,” I watched a plethora of videos and delved into the illuminating book “You Are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Understanding Quantum Mechanics:

Initially, I approached this subject with a hint of skepticism, given its esoteric nature. Dr. Joe Dispenza, however, provides profound insights by diving deep into the realm of quantum mechanics. As he elucidates, quantum physicists have been observing atomic particles at their minutest scale. Remarkably, the more they observed, the more elusive and ambiguous these particles appeared. As per Dispenza’s explanation, atoms appear to be 99.9% “empty space.” But, this space is brimming with Energy. These atoms essentially resonate with a myriad of energy frequencies. Yet, the nature of this matter is chaotic and unpredictable, defying the conventions of time and space. Astonishingly, researchers found that these electrons appear at a particular location only when observed, reverting to energy when overlooked.

The Observer Effect:

Dispenza draws attention to the ‘observer effect’, where physical matter only seems to manifest when we perceive it. This implies that our attention or observation influences matter. He suggests that by directing our energy and consciousness towards possibilities, we can shape our reality.

The Interplay of Consciousness and Energy:

Consciousness, combined with heightened emotions, can potentially influence matter. According to Dispenza, when we attain a state of pure awareness, we can shape our brain, body, and even future.

Harnessing Energy through Mindfulness:

While these notions might sound nebulous, they hold profound implications. Essentially, where you focus your attention is where you channel your energy. Dr. Joe Dispenza underscores the techniques of mindfulness and meditation as potent tools to master this art. Notably, in the realm of sports, NBA coach Phil Jackson emphasizes the significance of mindfulness in enhancing athletic performances. Jackson often advised players to “reset” and be in the moment during challenging times.


To those embarking on this journey of understanding and harnessing energy, I recommend the game “Playne.” Available on Steam, this meditation game offers an engaging way to grasp and practice mindfulness.

Dispenza, J. & Groen, V. (2017). You Are the Placebo. Den Dolder: Succesboeken.nl.

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