The Secret Behind Bottas’ Ultra-Fast Start in F1 Racing

Bottas taking an ultra-fast start at F1 race.

Over the past weekend, things went awry for Max Verstappen. Yet, the scene at the start was entirely different for Valtteri Bottas. The incredible start speed of the Finnish racer led many to dig into computer data, validating its legitimacy. And the “Sportbrain” might just have an explanation for this phenomenon.

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The Curiosity Begins

Sebastian Vettel, holding the second position, expressed disbelief at Bottas’ swiftness right off the start. He suspected a false start, and the race management did scrutinize Bottas’ kick-off. However, the FIA confirmed no discrepancies. Their statement read, “Today’s case saw Valtteri Bottas not exceeding the very limited movement pre-start. Simply put, he exceptionally anticipated the exact light-off moment with sheer precision.” In a press meet, Vettel seemed unconvinced, questioning, “Was his reaction time really 0.201 seconds? I can’t believe it.” Redbull’s Daniel Ricciardo too voiced similar doubts, hinting at Bottas’ sheer luck.

Brain-Power Behind Rapid Reactions

So, what’s the secret behind such a rapid start? It’s all about brainpower and reaction time. Bottas has extensively trained with EyeGym, a cognitive training software. This digital ‘game’ targets an athlete’s brain enhancement. EyeGym, like many cognitive trainers, uses adaptive online games playable on tablets or PCs. It aims to boost executive functions. By dedicating just 10 minutes daily, one can hone concentration, attention to detail, memory, reaction time, coordination, and spatial insight. Moreover, EyeGym specializes in training eyes. As stated by its developer, Dr. Sherylle Calder, “If an athlete’s eyes lag, the body follows. Ultimately, eyes command the body.”

Since 2012, Bottas has trained with EyeGym. These 10-minute sessions expose the F1 driver to 500-800 unique decision-making moments. This primes his brain to process vast information in short spans. Bottas attributes much of his competitive edge to this regimen, stating, “EyeGym gives me the edge! Faster fit eyes.”

Brain Games & Athletes

Various ‘games’ challenge the brains of top-tier athletes. Kim Lammers speaks of EyeGym’s games where numbers flash briefly, and players must memorize and input them. This not only demands swift reaction but also short-term memory skills. Adaptive gaming ensures the brain gets maximum stimulation. Perhaps, this training is behind Bottas’ blazingly fast start last Sunday. Or as Ricciardo puts it, it might just be sheer luck.

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