Sportbrein’s Innovations in Sports, E-Sports & Training

Sportbrein leading the way in sports and E-Sports innovations

In the ever-evolving world of sports, Sportbrein continues to pioneer breakthrough developments. From revolutionizing traditional sports training with SMARTGOALS SkillGames to diving into the digital realm of E-Sports, discover the diverse range of initiatives championed by Sportbrein.

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The Power of SMARTGOALS SkillGames

Despite the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus crisis, Sportbrein’s passion for sports, particularly football, never waned. In fact, this period presented an opportunity. Sportbrein has always been a proponent of SMARTGOALS, using them weekly to offer a dynamic training environment. Now, with the launch of SkillGames, there’s an enhanced tool that offers a plethora of benefits. This system captures individual player data, monitors their progress, identifies their unique skills, and contrasts performance throughout a season. Eager to see it in action? Check out this video:

Collaborating with Bruggink Sports Constructions

Sportbrein’s expertise isn’t just limited to football. They’ve joined forces with Bruggink Sports Constructions, experts in crafting indoor and outdoor sports setups. Overseen by Survival Champion Jochem Bruggink, they’ve built obstacle courses across Europe. Their most notable creation? A 100-meter obstacle for the RTL7 TV series, “Nederland’s Ruigste,” stationed in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium. Intrigued? Watch the video here: [Video Link]. Currently, the duo is developing a ‘Brain Course’ – blending scientific principles with technology to reinvent obstacle courses. See also:

The Surge of E-Sports

The rise of E-Sports is undeniable. With 13 million competitive players globally and a fan base nearing traditional sports like American Football, it’s becoming a powerhouse. The anticipated turnover for 2021 is a whopping $180 billion. While some games enhance reaction speed, focus, and attention, others can strain our nervous system, leading to negative outcomes. Sportbrein’s venture into E-Sports targets the development of E-athletes. A glimpse into this realm can be seen in this video featuring a gaming superstar: [Video Link].

Returning to the Football Field & Future Endeavors

With restrictions easing, Sportbrein is ready to return to the football fields. They’re not only resuming training sessions but also delving into the latest scientific findings, always eager to share insights through their blog.

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