Maximizing Athletic Cognitive Development: Fitlight Trainer

Athletes training using SMARTGOALS and Fitlight Trainer LED equipment.

Recently, Sportbrein acquired a set of SMARTGOALS. These aren’t your ordinary training cones. Equipped with LED lights, these innovative markers provide trainers and coaches with endless opportunities to challenge athletes. Mainly aimed at sports like football (soccer) and hockey, their function is to enhance athletes’ responsiveness in varying game situations.

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Fitlight Trainer: The Danish Sensation

Similarly, there’s the Fitlight Trainer. Instead of cone shapes, Fitlight uses round discs fitted with LED lights. The goal? Athletes must deactivate the light by tapping it. As they engage with one sensor, the LED light shifts to another disc, encouraging movement. Whether using hands, feet, rackets, balls, or even rubber bullets, the dynamic nature of Fitlight is evident. Initially used in handball—a sport where hand-eye coordination is vital—the Fitlight Trainer has grown in popularity across multiple sports. For a visual representation, check out this:

The Possibilities with Fitlight

From laying on the ground to being attached to walls or poles, Fitlight’s versatility is undeniable. Controlled via a tablet, trainers can monitor progress, apply tests, and compare results against benchmarks. From acceleration tests like the 10x 5 meter sprint to measuring hand-eye coordination or jump strength, the options are expansive.

Comparing SMARTGOALS and Fitlight

But how does SMARTGOALS differ from Fitlight? According to Chris Heger, owner of SMARTGOALS, Fitlight is more individual-focused and indoor-centric. Though Fitlight offers extensive testing, it leans towards complexity. In contrast, SMARTGOALS champions simplicity: “set up and play.” Moreover, SMARTGOALS is better equipped for outdoor conditions like rain or rough ball play. This robustness is a distinct advantage I’ve observed with SMARTGOALS.

Fitlight in Professional Sports

Many sports teams, from football clubs like Roda JC and Vitesse to global giants Manchester United and Manchester City, have integrated Fitlight into their training regimens. Beyond sports, Fitlight has made inroads into physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The tool offers trainers immense versatility, from placement options to a spectrum of color choices.

Both SMARTGOALS and Fitlight Trainer are powerful tools in fostering cognitive development in athletes. They each have their strengths and applications, ensuring that athletes receive holistic and varied training.

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