Soccer’s Brain-Boosting Tool: The Senseball

Soccer player training with Senseball.

Evert Ten Napel once famously remarked, “It’s as if he has the ball on a string.” This analogy has now manifested into a tangible product: the Senseball. Designed to stimulate a soccer player’s brain to its peak, this tool has caught the attention of many.

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The Philosophy Behind Senseball

According to an interview with Bruynickx on Sportknowhowxl, the core principle behind the Senseball is ‘rhythm’. The rhythmic movement of the string dictates the pace. By aligning with the brain’s functioning, this rhythmic coordination enhances technical learning and significantly betters ball control.

The Benefits of Senseball Training

The Senseball offers a plethora of exercises. Continual touches reinforce movements, allowing players to execute them without conscious thought. Consider the action of passing the ball with the foot’s inner side. With the Senseball, players can repetitively practice this, ingraining the move. Coupled with cognitive tasks, such as arithmetic (refer to the first video), it engages the visual-motor system, eliminating overthinking and promoting instinctual play.

Professional Adoption and Success

Several top-tier clubs have incorporated Senseball training, with some speculating it contributed to Belgium’s soccer success. Clubs like AC Milan, FC Metz, Anderlecht, KRC Genk, Zulte-Waregem, and Willem II employ this method. Notably, Willem II integrates cognitive exercises into their youth training.

While not an entirely new concept, the Senseball technique could be invaluable for standardizing certain movements. This tool, paired with other cognition-intensive drills, could transform training. The creator of Senseball, Michel Bruynickx, utilizes various methods to stimulate the brain. Perhaps the KNVB should consider exploring this potential goldmine, especially if it’s the secret behind Belgium’s success.

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