Training Gadgets for Dynamic Coaching

Athletes using LEDreact and Futboltek, the new-age training gadgets.

Over the years, the athletic training domain has witnessed the emergence of innovative gadgets. Devices like SMARTGOALS and the STOBE glasses stand testament to this evolution. These digital tools empower coaches to infuse dynamism into their training regimens, elevating athletes’ performance.

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LEDreact: Interactive Training Unveiled

The LEDreact is a disk-shaped device featuring four LED strips. When an athlete comes within three to four meters of the disk, one of the LED lights illuminates randomly. The direction and color of the light (left, right, front, or back in blue, red, green, or yellow) vary unpredictably. Based on these cues, athletes execute predefined tasks. To visualize its application, check this video.

Sportspersons respond to the disk’s directions. Among LEDreact’s prime features is its simplicity—switch on and play. This tool can enhance drills or exercises, particularly by inducing unexpected stimuli, heightening players’ alertness. Trainers can innovatively incorporate the disk, using it alongside cones, balls, or scrimmage vests. Traditionally, coaches used auditory instructions like “left,” “right,” etc., but LEDreact automates this process. In essence, it’s another tool that adds dynamism to training sessions.

For further details, visit LEDsReact.

Futboltek: The Next-Gen Rebound Board

Most Dutch clubs are familiar with rebound boards—they shoot the ball, and it bounces back. Though not a novelty, they’re incredibly effective. Enter Futboltek—the rebound board reimagined. Watch it in action here.

This board, encircled by LED lights, comprises three distinct panels with sensors to detect ball contact. Panels light up either in predetermined sequences or at random. Moreover, the system captures the timing and hit counts. All data gets stored in databases, allowing performance analysis and comparisons with other athletes. Its functionalities echo those of the Footbenaut or 360s from Benfica, cages designed for multifaceted player development. However, Futboltek stands out due to its mobility and cost-effectiveness compared to its peers.

While similar exercises can be conducted using SMARTGOALS, often placing rebound boards behind them, SMARTGOALS lacks the multi-colored illumination feature. Yet, the core objective remains comparable.

For more information, explore Futboltek.

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