Introducing the Innovative Performance Field at Longa’30

Longa'30's newly introduced innovative Performance Field.

In late April, I shared insights about the ambitious plans for a brand-new Performance Field at Longa’30, an influential football club in Lichtenvoorde. Now, I invite you to witness the remarkable culmination of this vision.

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Longa’30’s Dual Mission: Football and Community Wellbeing

At the heart of the Achterhoek’s Lichtenvoorde lies Longa’30. Beyond being a Sunday main class football club, Longa’30 harbors a profound societal aspiration. As Marcel Eekelder, Chairperson of the Foundation for Facility Management (SAB), articulated, “Our commitment extends beyond football; we’re dedicated to ensuring that every community member has the opportunity to engage in responsible physical activity.”

The Genesis of the Vitaal Sportpark

Driven by this vision, a collaborative blueprint for a ‘Vitaal Sportpark’ was devised. This comprehensive strategy not only echoes the Sports Vision of the Oost Gelre municipality but is also a culmination of direct dialogues with various stakeholders, ranging from local sports associations and educational institutions to businesses and welfare organizations.

The Collaborative Power Behind the Park

To translate this ambitious plan into reality, a task force was assembled, inclusive of organizations like SAB, Longa’30, Centrum in Movement, Vario, ASC Sports, and Sportbrain. They envisage an arena that offers diverse sports activities, cognitive training, and avenues to stimulate motor development. Jasper Eppingbroek, representing Vario Fields, elaborated on the multifunctional nature of the facility, “From a beach field that can accommodate sports like beach volleyball and tennis to state-of-the-art agility training facilities, we’ve thought of everything.”

Cutting-edge Facilities and Features

Months of meticulous planning and construction have now culminated in a holistic sports arena, complete with features like smart goals for cognitive training and enhanced motor skills. Additionally, the field boasts a concrete wall equipped with graphics, climbing facilities, and ropes designed for intensive strength exercises.

Moreover, a game-changer in the form of SMARTGOALS has been introduced. This integration of motion and gaming encourages users to enhance their skills through app-based challenges. The video link here offers a closer look into these interactive features.

Teqball Tables

Thanks to former professional footballer and club icon, Dave Bus of EasyTradeSports, the park is now home to two additional Teqball tables, a refreshing blend of table tennis and football.

Sportbrain’s Proud Contribution

All said, Sportbrain takes immense pride in being integral to the creation of this splendid Vitaal Sportpark, complete with its unique Performance Field. For more insights into this fantastic initiative, do visit their website:

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