Unlock Your Brain’s Potential with MyBrainSolutions

Brain Training Platform

Today, let’s delve into the innovative realm of MyBrainSolutions, a online tool tailored for enhancing executive functions. Originally conceptualized in the USA and introduced to the Netherlands by LerendBrein, this platform offers personalized brain training backed by research.

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Starting with the Basics: The Assessment

Like most advanced brain trainers, users kick off with a baseline measurement. For those familiar with (neuro)psychology, think of it as akin to the CNSVS. Participants undergo tests in four primary domains: thinking, emotion, self-regulation, and feeling.

Upon completing the assessment, users receive a comprehensive report. Sometimes, the results might be confronting, especially when juxtaposed with global counterparts who’ve taken the same assessment. Yet, these insights spotlight areas for potential improvement. Detailed explanations ensure clarity. And as with any executive training, guidance is paramount. Hence, MyBrainSolutions recommends coaching by an expert who can interpret results meticulously.

Embarking on the Training Journey

With the detailed report in hand, training begins. Users should engage in 20-30 minute sessions 3-4 times weekly for 5-8 weeks. Thanks to the accompanying app, training can seamlessly integrate into daily routines, even on the go. The exercises are curated daily based on the initial assessment. The platform boasts 27 games spanning the aforementioned categories. Many games are adaptive, adjusting to one’s progress. Some even offer relaxation exercises like guided breathing.

Research Backing MyBrainSolutions

Studies on MyBrainSolutions’ efficacy have been conducted. In the most notable one, involving 8,500 employees, there was an 18% reduction in work absenteeism and a 29% surge in productivity. Thus, the tool is scientifically validated. In conclusion, the assessment provides an excellent self-evaluation platform. With minor tweaks, it could depict an athlete’s performance profile. Its flexibility in game selection allows users to focus on specific skills, like hand-eye coordination. The mobile-friendly approach ensures accessibility, making it ideal for improving executive functions, even for athletes.

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