Training the Athletic Brain: Discovering Life Kinetik

Children performing dual tasks during a Life Kinetik session.

Our sports realm has evolved to a stage where training the brain is as significant as the body. Notably, innovative computer games are sculpted specifically to challenge and hone the athlete’s cognitive capabilities. Yet, this isn’t all. Life Kinetik, an ingenious method originating from Germany, seamlessly blends mental challenges with sports-related physical movements to create a perfect synergy.

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Understanding Life Kinetik

Derived from the very essence of enhancing brain functionality, Life Kinetik is about perpetually engaging the mind. Through enjoyable motor games, it incessantly taps into our executive system. To offer some clarity, here are some illustrative Life Kinetik exercises:

As depicted in the video, children are consistently challenged to multitask – handling tasks with both their feet and hands. Scientifically, this simultaneous action is termed a ‘dual task’. Let’s delve a bit deeper.

Dual Tasking: A Closer Look

Essentially, “dual task” involves undertaking a motor (movement-based) and a cognitive (thinking-based) task concurrently. For instance, dribbling a soccer ball while reciting the multiplication table of 8. Achieving this points to mastering the motor task to a degree where the cognitive task isn’t necessary. In simpler terms, the movement becomes second nature, needing no conscious thought.

In an enlightening interview with De Voetbaltrainer magazine, renowned football trainer Jan Kluitenberg, who has extensively collaborated with Ronald Koeman, sheds light on the essence of Life Kinetik. He describes it as the fusion of both brain hemispheres, with the ultimate outcome being swifter decision-making in football, even under intense pressure.

Research Insights: Life Kinetik in Football

The Sport and Science Institute of the University of Krakow, Poland, delved into examining the implications of Life Kinetik on soccer players. With a cohort of 48 soccer players, divided into control and experimental groups, they observed significant neurocognitive advancements in players trained under the Life Kinetik methodology. The inference? Enhanced on-field performance, especially in decision-making domains.

Brain Training: The Road Ahead

Brain-centric training is gaining momentum in the sporting world. Although bespoke games target the executive system, accessibility and cost factors can be deterrents. However, Life Kinetik stands out as a universally accessible tool. Preliminary research indeed underlines its positive impact on the brain, primarily targeting motor and cognitive tasks. Stay tuned for more insights on Life Kinetik.

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