Harnessing Tech in Soccer: Insights into 360s & Footbonaut

Players training in Benfica's 360s soccer hall with virtual walls

At MVV, we’ve recently utilized the Loughborough Soccer Passing Test (LSPT). Specifically designed to measure passing accuracy, the LSPT evaluates essential soccer skills like passing, dribbling, shooting, and decision-making.

Read more: Harnessing Tech in Soccer: Insights into 360s & Footbonaut

Europe’s Elite Clubs Innovate

Top European soccer clubs relentlessly strive to optimize player performance. They’re investing heavily in technological advancements, as showcased by Benfica’s pioneering efforts. Indeed, Benfica has introduced a cutting-edge soccer facility focused on enhancing players’ passing accuracy.

Stepping Inside Benfica’s 360s

Imagine being in a hall surrounded by four immense virtual walls, capable of displaying a myriad of scenarios. The “games” and tasks they can project are limitless. Additionally, corners are equipped with ball launchers, ensuring players always have a ball at the ready.

Interested in witnessing this marvel? Check out the video below.

360s: A Game-Changer in Cognitive Training

Benfica’s 360s isn’t just revolutionary for its design. In my view, it’s a phenomenal tool for measuring and enhancing executive functions. Consider the online executive function trainer, Cogmed. One of its exercises involves pattern recognition, which can be seamlessly integrated into the 360s’ screens. This way, players aren’t just honing their passing skills; they’re also bolstering their working memory. Vestberg’s article highlights the significance of executive functions in professional soccer, and the 360s emerges as an ideal tool for both testing and training these functions. Interestingly, Dortmund has a similar facility named the Footbonaut. Stay tuned for more on that!

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