Footbonaut: Dortmund’s Answer to Football Skill Cages

Player training inside the Footbonaut, swiftly aiming for lit sections.

Football skill cages, like the LSPT and Benfica’s 360s, offer players a chance to hone their decision-making prowess. Now, Dortmund has joined the fray with their cutting-edge innovation, the Footbonaut.

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Introducing the Footbonaut

Similar to Benfica’s 360s, the Footbonaut places the player centrally within a cage. To visualize this, imagine a player standing in the middle. A machine feeds them a ball, and simultaneously, a section illuminates, indicating where the player should direct the ball. As soon as they accomplish this, another ball is fed, challenging them to aim accurately once more.

The Cognitive Challenge

This training isn’t just about physical agility. It’s a dance of visual and auditory inputs, urging the player to continuously think and strategize. When they hear a cue, their eyes scan for the lit section. Swiftly, they position the ball and aim for an accurate shot through the highlighted gap. The crux here lies in the rapid processing of sensory input and its swift translation into motor action. How quickly can a player’s executive system (working memory) process the information?

The Rise of Skill Training Machines

As advancements continue, more machines tailored for training executive functions are emerging. Moreover, methods now exist that even amateur players can leverage to elevate their game. Stay tuned for more insights.

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