Game Tactics on Football Scoring Opportunities

illustrating football game tactics and their impact on scoring opportunities.

We all have our favorite football teams and players. Naturally, many of us engage in heated debates about the tactics they employ on the field. But what tangible impact do these tactics have on match outcomes? A revealing 2010 study led by Tenga, Holme, Ronglan, and Bahr zoomed in on how specific game strategies affect scoring opportunities in professional Norwegian football matches.

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Delving Deep into the Numbers

The researchers meticulously analyzed a plethora of random team possessions from professional Norwegian matches. They endeavored to decode which tactics propelled teams to prime scoring positions. Such insights offer coaches, players, and even ardent fans, a more profound understanding of the field’s dynamics.

Speed vs. Patience

Interestingly, the study unveiled that rapid counterattacks, although thrilling to witness, aren’t necessarily the most effective approach. Contrarily, teams that displayed patience in their build-up and meticulously selected their attack moments were more frequently in a position to score. This ‘patient play’ strategy emphasizes ball possession and strategizing to disintegrate the opposition’s defense.

Commanding the Midfield = Dominating the Game

Another pivotal revelation from the research underscores the significance of midfield domination. Teams that successfully controlled the midfield exhibited a greater proficiency in moving the ball and spawned more scoring opportunities. This emphasizes the essential role of robust midfielders who can function both defensively and offensively.

Tactical Insights for Coaching

Beyond just piquing the curiosity of football enthusiasts, this research furnishes actionable insights for coaches. Grasping which tactics thrive in professional football can aid coaches in fine-tuning their strategies and tailoring training sessions accordingly.

Football, an intricate game, hinges as much on tactics and strategy as it does on physical prowess. Tenga and his team’s study illuminates tactics that can amplify a team’s scoring prospects. Whether you’re a coach, a player, or a passionate fan, these findings can enrich your game perception and deepen your appreciation for football tactics’ subtleties.

For those itching to plunge deeper into the data and analytics, the complete study is available in the Journal of Sports Sciences.


enga, A., Holme, I., Ronglan, L. T., & Bahr, R. (2010). Effect of playing tactics on achieving score-box possessions in a random series of team possessions from Norwegian professional soccer matches. Journal of Sports Sciences, 28(3), 245-255. 

Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash

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