Dynavision D2: The Ultimate Cognitive Training for Athletes

Athlete using the Dynavision D2 training board.

Athletes require sharp reaction times, precise hand-eye coordination, consistent attention, and rapid cognitive processing. Ensuring that these skills are well-honed is essential. Enter Dynavision D2, an American-developed tool, offering real-life cognitive training for athletes.

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Focus on Online Cognitive Trainers:

Over recent months, I’ve discussed online cognitive trainers such as Intelligym, Cogmed, My Brain Solutions, and Neurotracker. These online tools, often adaptive games, are played on a computer. But, there’s also physical equipment designed to enhance cognitive skills in sports-specific situations. SMARTGOALS and the FITLIGHT trainer are prominent examples. However, Dynavision D2 is a unique blend: it merges computer-based and physical training. Wondering what it is? Check out this video:

Dynavision D2 Explained:

Dynavision D2 is a board filled with buttons that light up. The primary game challenges the player to press the lit button as fast as possible, enhancing the coordination between eye muscles and the brain. The video showcases a dual-task scenario, where the player has to bounce a ball (a motor task) while pressing the buttons (a cognitive task). If done successfully, it means the cognitive task doesn’t interfere with the motor task, leading to faster movement automation.

Training with D2:

D2 training sessions are typically brief, often lasting just a minute, but they’re intensive. Various training programs are available for D2. The most basic involves pressing as many lit buttons within a minute. The scores, along with the average reaction time, are recorded, enabling players to track their performance. To train peripheral vision, players focus on the center while lights pop up on the edges, mimicking real sports scenarios where athletes might have to react to a fleeting movement in their periphery. The D2 also gauges reaction time as players alternate hands to press the next illuminated button.

In Conclusion:

In essence, the D2 serves as an outstanding cognitive trainer for enhancing reaction speed, focus, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive pace. While I haven’t personally used the D2, scientific studies vouch for its effectiveness, and Dynavision also promotes it for concussion recovery. Stay tuned for a closer look into the research behind Dynavision D2 in the future.

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