Revolutionizing Sports Training: Digital Innovations

Athlete training on a digital LED gym floor.

In the realm of sports, the significance of cognitive trainers often remains understated. However, with my experience and numerous articles on trainers, I’ve recently delved into a game-changing technology known as SMARTGOALS. I recently discovered an emerging trend that is poised to reshape the way we perceive sports training.

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The Essence of Cognitive Training

Cognitive training aims to rigorously challenge the brain. Various games on smartphones or PCs offer such challenges. More sport-specific methods, like the innovative SMARTGOALS or fitlight, have started making their mark. New advancements are continually emerging, opening doors to their application in sports. Not long ago, I stumbled upon one such groundbreaking technology.

LED Gym Floors: The Future of Sports Training

Gone are the days of gymnasiums filled with myriad-colored lines. By 2017, LED floors installation became a reality, offering endless customization options. Imagine playing sports on an expansive TV screen. For coaches, this technology can revolutionize training methods, adding dynamism to their sessions through ever-changing floor lines.

The Growing Importance of Training Dynamism

An interview with Alfred Schreuder, Julian Nagelsmann’s assistant at Hoffenheim (NRC, 2016), accentuates this point. He stated, “As soon as players grasp an exercise, we switch it up. We place players in stress situations. For instance, a positional game with defenders in the center, surrounded by four differently colored goals. Upon ball retrieval, we shout out which colored goal they should aim for. This ever-changing environment forces them to think continually, which is mentally exhausting. New players often need time to adapt to this training style.”

The Intersection of Dance and Sports: Arcade Dance Machines

This novel approach reminded me of Arcade Dance Machines. Popular in the East, these machines feature a screen displaying arrow sequences synchronized with music, challenging users to dance in tune. The rapid thought-process and anticipation required in these games stretch the cognitive muscles.

Intriguingly, a German company, GlobalSpeed, adapted this concept for sports. Players, like those from Bayern München, follow screen instructions, tapping specific plates in quick succession. This not only stimulates the brain’s visual processing but also enhances motor skills and the brain-muscle connection.

Potential Applications in Sports

Though I’m yet to personally experience this product, I foresee its immense potential in player development. Numerous games can be devised and displayed on the screen, with ball exercises making it sport-specific. This technology also allows data storage, enabling inter-player competitions. Top German clubs like Bayern München, Bayer Leverkusen, and Schalke 04 have already embraced this “gym floor 2.0.” No Dutch club has yet, but the future looks promising. Now, the anticipation is for the first LED football/hockey field. More updates on this LED and Touch development will follow.

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