Emerging Brain and Sports Trends

Image showcasing the intersection of cognitive science with sports through symbols of a brain, football, and LED-lit goalposts

Dive deep into the most recent advancements connecting sports with cognitive science. With groundbreaking collaborations involving AZ, the concept of Deliberate Play, SMARTGOALS, and the renowned ‘Intelligence Day’, the intersection of the brain and sports performance is revolutionizing training methodologies.

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Neurolympics and AZ’s Brain-focused Approach

On April 11, 2017, the NOS announced AZ’s initiative involving a brain test. Collaborating with PSV, AZ is pioneering the integration of cognitive measurements alongside traditional football evaluations. The NeurOlympics software crafts a ‘brain profile’ by engaging players in tablet or PC games. This unique profile provides insight into a player’s innate cognitive strengths. Eric Castrien of BrainFirst elaborated on the origins of this collaboration on AZ.nl, explaining that the endeavor started in 2012 with a study assessing if brain functions could influence on-field football performance. Results demonstrated that top-tier footballers often exhibit gifted cognitive behaviors, emphasizing the efficacy of this method.

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Deliberate Play Cards – A Game-changing Tool

For its E-book, Sportbrein sought insights from seasoned professionals. Bas van Baar, a youth coach at NEC, champions differential learning. He incorporates diverse task cards in his sessions. According to Bas, these cards guide player behavior and foster critical thinking, enabling players to adeptly analyze opponents’ strategies. He emphasizes that the modern football paradigm demands flexibility, encouraging players to think proactively.

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SMARTGOALS – Redefining Training Sessions

Sportbrein frequently employs SMARTGOALS, the unique goalposts fitted with LED lights. Manufactured in Eindhoven, these innovative tools are gaining traction among clubs. This summer, clubs like Excelsior from Rotterdam, NAC Breda, and Fenerbahce have embraced SMARTGOALS. Phillip Cocu, Fenerbahçe’s new coach and former PSV coach, introduced SMARTGOALS in Turkey shortly after experiencing its advantages at PSV Eindhoven.

Watch SMARTGOALS in action:

Sportbrein at the Day of Intelligence

The annual ‘Intelligence Day’ conference organized by Pearson Academy will take place on September 28th. Sportbrein participates in a breakout session, bridging scientific findings with practical applications. It offers insights to everyone fascinated by the synergy of sports and cognitive science.

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