Boosting Athlete Cognition with SMARTGOALS Technology

Athlete dribbling the ball through illuminated SMARTGOALS for cognitive training.

In the world of soccer, technologies like LSPT (Loughborough soccer passing test), 360S, and the Footbonaut have paved the way for enhancing player cognition. However, the latest player on the block, SMARTGOALS, is revolutionizing the field.

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Enhancing Cognition in Sports

When discussing cognition in soccer, the conversation often gravitates towards ‘rapid information processing’, ‘learning capability’, and ‘spatial awareness’. Critical executive functions, such as working memory, play a pivotal role. As the level of play escalates, the time and space players have to make decisions typically diminish, demanding quicker decisions in condensed timeframes.

Introducing SMARTGOALS

To train or test these skills, athletes need rapid visual stimulation. Enter SMARTGOALS: miniature gates equipped with LED lights. As players dribble or pass the ball through a lit gate, another gate illuminates. This setup offers various games to enhance players’ cognitive abilities. Ajax’s Bazoer, for instance, used Smartgoals for a passing exercise. In the video, Bazoer continuously receives the ball from one point. He must scan his surroundings, process the information, identify the lit gate, and pass the ball through it. It’s not just cognition at play; foundational techniques also get refined.

Beyond Soccer

While soccer benefits immensely from SMARTGOALS, its application stretches to sports like hockey and others demanding cognition. Additionally, SMARTGOALS find use in general cognitive training and coordination exercises. The versatility of SMARTGOALS is evident.

In summary, SMARTGOALS offer vast potential in sharpening athletes’ rapid information processing skills. However, there remains a need for more research to validate their tangible cognitive impact, potentially through neuropsychological evaluations. Stay tuned for more on SMARTGOALS-like technologies.

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