Barefoot Running’s Impact on Memory Function

Athlete running barefoot on a forest path, showcasing the connection between nature and cognitive benefits.

Running is universally acknowledged for its physical benefits. However, did you know that barefoot running can positively influence your working memory?

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A Glimpse into Running’s Past

Historical research by Daniel Lieberman from Harvard University uncovers the origin of human running. Our distant ancestors, designed for endurance, ran long distances to chase prey. Unlike quadrupeds like deer and antelopes, who cool down by panting, humans can dissipate heat through sweat. This difference allowed our predecessors to exhaust their prey, making the kill simpler. But how does this historical context connect to the brain’s functionality during running?

Running vs. Lifting: Impact on Brain

A study from the University of Illinois contrasts the cognitive effects of running versus weight lifting. While weightlifting didn’t show discernible improvements in working memory, running enhanced mental performance, especially post-activity. Furthermore, another Japanese study at Nihon Fukushi University observed hemoglobin concentrations in the prefrontal cortex, where working memory is housed. Results indicated that moderate running increased hemoglobin levels, signifying a direct positive impact on the brain.

The Barefoot Running Phenomenon

The most intriguing revelation is that running barefoot might enhance working memory even further. If we follow Suzuki’s reasoning, controlled attention to shifts in rhythm and speed during running is beneficial. Running barefoot intensifies this awareness. The focus shifts to foot placement, stride, and external stimuli. Consequently, barefoot running might improve memory due to the heightened processing of stimuli. Though researchers advocate for this approach, some might remain hesitant.

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